Microsoft Office 2016 Setup

How to setup Office 2016 professional plus-New-NOV-2022

Quick Office 2016 Installation Guide

Step 1: Uninstall previous office  (very important)

Step 2: Restart your machine and check is there any office “icon” still showing in your taskbar or program list then right click on them and select uninstall / delete

Step 3: Download, install and activate your office 2016 pro plus

Check your machine which bit to download (Click Start Button → Settings → System → About)

For 32 / 64 bit ISO Download

Install the package

Open MS Word and then click File --> Account --> From Left side if you see any account/email account already sign in then click the “Sign out” link/button --> from the right side click the “Change License or Activate Required” --> and enter the 25 digit key and follow the prompt to activate it.

  • Note: For Windows 7 or 8/8.1, download WinZip to open it by visiting the WinZip page
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that you do not need any ZIP/compress software to open the ISO file. Windows 10 or 11 can open an ISO file simply double click or right-click on the ISO file and select open with-> windows explorer. please uninstall any file compression type software such as WinZip, 7z, ExpressZip, or Power2Go as it interrupts opening an ISO file or changes the file location. You can reinstall them after completing your office 2016 installation.  


Restart your PC.

 ** Note: if you see it is still asking you to login the click the “Try another account” or “I don’t want to sign up or create an account” ***